PTA Mission and Goals

The PTA organizes many school events to lift the burden off of teachers and school personnel such as the Vision Screening in the Fall, providing food for the teachers during the Parent/Teacher Conferences, Popcorn Friday in the school cafeteria, etc. The PTA also helps fund many events throughout the school year that our children look forward to year after year. See complete list below.

  1. Student Enrichment Grants: Our SEGs are given to classroom teachers up to $100 for certified teachers to help with classroom costs throughout the year.

  2. Library Magazines: We purchase several magazine subscriptions to enrich our Library's reading choices for all the grade levels K-5th.

  3. Weekly Readers: Our PTA pays for The Scholastic News/Weekly Readers that are used to support a variety of curriculum areas such as Social Studies, Health, Science and Reading.

  4. Spring Book Fair: The PTA hosts one book fair to connect our students to the books they want to read. This benefits all grade level K-5th.

  5. Fifth Grade Camp: This is an outdoor education program where students work together as a team to raise money to go to camp. The PTA gives the 5th graders a gift towards this event.

  6. Safety Patrol: About 35 students are recognized for their dedication in directing traffic throughout the school year and receive a field trip to a local waterpark as thanks for their efforts. The PTA pays for the tickets to the waterpark.

  7. Reflections: This nation wide art contest offered by the National PTA starts at our school level. Children are given the opportunity to create original pieces of art around a nationally chosen theme. Their art is judged by local volunteers and possibly sent on to district, state and national competition. The PTA hosts this event and also purchases ribbons to recognize children for their outstanding art entires.

  8. Family Socials: Our Harvest Carnival and Springs Socials build community spirit and bring families together for the entire school. Food items are provided for .50 or $1 and there are free activities for families to participate in.
  9. Popcorn Fridays: Each Friday, the PTA pops corn for the children during their lunch break and sells the popcorn for .50¢ per bag.

  10. Vision Screenings: Having almost 500 students is a lot of eyes to be checked. Each year, the PTA organizes volunteers to assist the school nurse with vision screenings and provides snacks for all of the volunteers.

  11. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Teachers rarely have time to take a dinner break when parent/teacher conferences are in session. The PTA provides dinner for the teachers so that they can eat when they have a break in their schedule.

  12. School Picture Day: Our PTA finds volunteers for this day and assists the photographers wherever needed.

  13. Field Day: happens every spring where all grades compete in field events. The PTA finds all volunteers for this event and provides pop cycles for the students