Box Tops for Education


Every box top you collect is 10 cents for our school. Every student who collects at least 25 box tops each quarter will be invited to a rewards party.  In the past we have had an ice cream sundae party, root beer  float party and cookies with milk.  The next rewards party will be held at the end of February.  So if you would like your student to be included in the next party, please return box tops by Feb. 2nd.  We will also reward the top collectors with a special prize.

We would love if you ask relatives or friends to help you collect also.  

If you are new to the box top program, the box top for education website is a great resource to find out what products carry box tops on their packaging.  The website is .  You can also create an account on the website to track Tiffany Park’s progress, receive special coupons, and receive bonus box top offers. 

There is also an eBoxTops program that is linked to Safeway.  If you shop at Safeway, please go to and follow the instructions to sign up to start collecting eBoxTops.

If you have questions regarding the Box Top Program, please contact Lory Suzuki at