Reflections 2020

Thank You 2019-20 Participants!

Thanks to all who participated and for all the hard work! Our talented students created many works inspired by this year's theme, "Look Within". We wanted to acknowledge those who have placed 1st to 3rd place in each division category this year.

Primary 2D Visual Art
1st place- Rose Strasbaugh
2nd place- Aria Youngquist
3rd place- Logan Durant

Intermediate 2D Visual Art

1st place- Riley Burton
2nd place- Armand Strasbaugh
3rd place- Chaneralyn Rillo

Primary Photography
1st place- Tabitha Szczency
2ne place- Ava Nievaard
3rd place- Audree Jackson

Intermediate Photography
1st place- Madison Shea
2nd place- Jaxen Maloney
3rd place- Sebastian Herrera

Primary Literature
1st place- Kenzie Maloney
2nd place- Penelope Herrera
3rd place- Aria Youngquist

Intermediate Literature

1st place- Hannah Staley

Intermediate Dance Choreography
1st place- Chloe Meyers
2nd place- Alanis McCurdy

Intermediate Film Production
1st place- Aiden Helland

Intermediate 3D Visual Art
1st place- Ryan Epperson

Congratulations to those who have placed 1st to 3rd place in each category! Also again huge thank you to all of the students who have participated this year. We hope to see their entries again next year!

Best regards,
Jinhee Colton and Leslee Nievaard
PTA Reflection co-chairs