How can you help? There are so many ways!

Annual Fundraising Initiatives

 In order to raise the funds necessary to provide our quality programs, the Tiffany Park PTA regularly holds  major fundraising events:

Fun Run - The Tiger Fun Run is a fundraising and fitness event. All Tiffany Park students will be encouraged to participate by running or walking laps around the school grounds, rain or shine. Prior to the run, students will be asked to get family, friends and neighbors to sponsor their participation in the run. The Tiger Fun Run gives the students and staff the chance to take part in a school wide fundraiser, and get fit while doing it! Families will be welcome to run with their kids or cheer them on! Checkout 2019-2020 Results

Corporate Matching

Matching Funds and Volunteer Hours

Many Northwest companies, like Microsoft, make matching contributions to charitable organizations like Tiffany Park Elementary PTA. Please take a moment to see if your company matches funds and/or volunteer hours. This is a great way for money to add up quickly! If you have questions, check with your company or contact our Treasurer at

Here are some local companies (and program links where available) who are support Corporate matching:


Everyday Fundraising and Community Partnerships

* Have you seen the Box Tops for Education logo on products in your house? 
* Do you shop at Amazon, FredMeyer?

Read through the list below to see if any of your favorite activities support Tiffany Park PTA.

If you shop on Amazon, PLEASE go to Amazon, and link your account to Tiffany Park PTA through Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile allows non-profits to get a percentage of the money made from all of your purchases on Amazon.
All you have to do:
1- Go to
2.-Sign in with your Amazon account.
3.-Link up Tiffany Park PTA on your Supporting charity List and keep shopping!
You have to make your order through the website online so fill up your cart on your app and then go online to Amazon smile to make your purchases!
Learn more about Amazon Smile


Look familiar? Money for Tiffany Park may be sitting in your pantry right now! Each Box Top or eBoxTop earns Tiffany Park 10¢, which adds up when everyone participates!


Download the app!! Just a reminder you can still clip them from packages that show that they can be clipped. They are phasing out the clipped ones and now it's easy to scan receipts with the new app!
1- Download de app.
2- Buy your products with the logo.
3. Scan your Receipt
4. Earn Cash for your School!
To download the app and more information go to Boxtops


Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program Link up your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to TIFFANY PARK PTA and we get a percentage of all your purchases. To link your Card go to Community Rewards
Click this link for Steps Visual Reference 


Whenever you Pay with PayPal you can choose to check the box at any checkout transaction and automatically donate 1$ to our PTA. Check this video and learn how to Link Tiffany Park PTA as your favorite charity.

To Link Tiffany Park PTA as your favorite charity follow this steps:
1- Long in to you Account ,
2. Look for "Make an impact " section and click on "Set Your Favorite Charity" option.
3. Type Tiffany Park PTA and you would see the scroll input change automatically, make sure you select Tiffany Park PTA, Renton US.

And you are all set, Tiffany Park PTA is link to your PayPal account, every time you checkout on any transaction using your PayPal, a checkbox suggestion would appear to donate to your favorite charity if you want to. Every small amount helps!. Thank you for your Support.

Do you have any connections in the community who would be willing to support our PTA? Your networking helps a lot! They can sponsor our students and get their business logo on our Tiger Fun Run T-Shirt!

For more information!