Culture Night

Tiffany Park PTA Invites you to Join us for our 4th Annual Culture Night, March 26 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. CANCELLED 

International Potluck with Performances and Poster Boards display by our Tiffany Park Families, Please feel free to come dressed in traditional clothes from your Culture or Heritage. Let’s celebrate the wonderful diversity that our school has to offer!

Want to bring a Dish/Dessert/Appetizer, or donate food/drinks? Please checkout the flyer and sign in with your donations/dish description before March 20th and return the note back to Front office School.


This year, Culture Night at Tiffany Park will be on March 26th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Come to discover, connect, and celebrate the many different cultures and countries that represent our students, family, and faculty at Tiffany Park. Last year, more than 5 cultures came together at Culture Night to display the strength of our school community. Would you be interested in strengthening this community?


 Congo, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia.  Are sign in .

We are looking for  more countries to participate. Make a poster board about your country is a great way to showcase your culture and traditions to younger generations and to learn about a country you've always wanted to visit! Please sign up today to be a part of this years event. Sponsor a Poster Board a tri-fold decorate with pictures and fun facts and you can bring a few things to decorate your table. This is a fun, family enrichment project! Display Poster Board Represent Your Country