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 Tiger Fun Run 2019

Tiger Fun Run

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! On Thursday September 26th 2019, the Tiffany Park Tiger Fun Run took place! Here are the long-awaited final results of the Fun Run and all our hard work & effort.

  • Fundraising Results
  • Race Results
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Thank you to all the students, staff, families, donors, sponsors and volunteers for making this year's Fun Run such a success! A special thank you to Mr. Lesco and Ms. Ramsey for being good sports and having a Tricycle Race for us!


Your Tiffany Park PTA Board of Directors

Fundraising Results

  Tiffany Park students did an amazing job fundraising from families, neighbors and friends. We are proud to announce the grand total that was raised is $8,514.30. $495 is estimated to come from employer website donations and matching!

We raised $8,514.30 for Tiffany Park Elementary.

Race Results

What great runners we had on September 26th! It was part cloudy and morning showers earlier, but that didn't stop all the runners doing their best!

Student Total: 3,825 Laps / 1,147.5 Miles

That’s 43 Marathons in one Day!


Which class had the most laps? How many volunteers helped? Want more statistics like these? Check out the 2019-20 Fun Run Infographic! It has the answers to all your questions!

2019-20 Fun Run Infographic